Salary for Global Project Managers 2019: What is their annual salary?

Salary for Global Project Managers 2019: What is their annual salary?

Salary for Global Project Managers 2019: What is their annual salary?

It is a lucrative job to manage projects. Even more so if the job is difficult and complex. You don’t work for pennies.
It’s probably something you already know. It takes careful planning and execution to execute a project.
Project managers receive enviable salaries.
Certified project managers earn even higher salaries.
This article is for those who are new to project management or just need some guidance. We will discuss the salaries of project managers based on the PMI 10th Edition salary report.




Status of certification


Type of project

Let’s take a look at these factors in greater detail.
Salary for Project Managers Based on Countries
Your income is directly affected by where you live. Each country has its own unique mix of labor, government, and professional hurdles. These realities are also faced by project managers.
The highest average salary for this job is in Switzerland. Project managers make about US$130,000
The USA is second to Switzerland.
In the United States, project managers earn US$112,000 per year.
Australia is the third most highly paid country.
The average salary is US$108,000.
Egypt has the lowest mean income for project managers at US$10,000 per year.
Below is a list of salaries for project managers by country. The country’s average income is higher if it is darker in color.
Salary for Project Managers based on Gender
All project managers, regardless if they are male or female, make about the same amount until age 30.
Salary increases begin to diverge after that age. In most countries, men in their thirties experience a 23.4 per cent salary increase over women.
Here’s a graphic representation of the salaries of male and female project managers in the United States, UK, UAE Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Australia.
Salary for Project Managers Based on Position
Most organizations place project managers in three levels. Project Manager one, Project Manager 2, and Project Manager 3.
These levels reflect not only hierarchy but also pay rise. Project manager one position holders earn less than project manager two level employees.
People in three-level project managers are the highest earners.
How much do project managers make?
The graph above shows that the figures vary by country. Here’s what you would expect for the highest-earning earners.
Project Manager I

This is the entry-level position of project manager. They earn an average of US$874,426 and have less than three years experience in this field.
Project Manager II

These intermediate positions require a minimum of three years work experience, but not less than five. They average US$96,500.
Project Manager III

This is the most coveted position for a senior project manager. You must have at least six years’ experience in this field. Their average annual earnings are approximately US$110,000. Similar positions include:
Program manager

Portfolio manager, and

Consultant in project management

A salary range of US$115,000-US$134,000.
The average salary for a director of projects management is US$140,000
Salary for Project Managers Based on Professional Experience
As we discussed, project managers with more experience make more money.
A three- to five-year experience would fetch you around US$85,000.
A professional experience of between 10 and 15 years can earn you around $115,000. People with more experience than 20 years can earn $130,000.
Like other factors, salaries based upon professional experience can vary by location.