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You are here: Pop Up Tent News Latest LatestHow to Fold A Pop Up Tent Taking down a pop up tent is not the easiest thing in the world but once you get the hang of it you will have it back in the bag in minutes.   If you have bought a new pop up tent we recommend that you have a test run at home before you leave for the great outdoors.  1) Take everything out of the tent and give it a sweep out.  As with any tent be sure to let the tent dry off so it doesn’t get mouldy once back in the bag.  Also do not attempt to take a pop up tent down on rough ground as the abrasion could tear the fabric around the poles as it is pulled so tight.2)  Take out all the pegs.3)  Take hold of the poles at opposing ends of the floor of the tent and bring them together – imagine bending a large fabric taco.4)  When the two or three hoops have been brought together turn the tent so that it is stood on its side.5)  Once stood on its side whilst still holding the ‘fabric taco’ together with one hand, use your other hand to grab the poles at the top furthest away from you.  Pull these poles down towards the ground and towards you at the same time.  The tent should fold in on itself and resemble a multilayered disc.6)  Once you have this disc shape put the restraining strap around the tent and pop it back in the bag.
Note: With brand new pop up tents the poles are very resistant to folding and will try to re-erect themselves so please be careful.Obviously it is quite hard to explain in words how to take down a pop up tent so we have a video on our home page to help you. See here – How to fold a pop up tent video
Pop Up Tents – The History The pop up tent was the brainchild of a Bournemouth University (BU) student.   BU Product Design graduate Franziska Conrad came up with the initial design for the pop up tent as part of her final year project at BU.  Her first design was the Quick Pitch SS which has been in production since 2006 and has now sold over 150,000 worlwide.  It has also been voted ‘Best Festival Tent’ by The Guardian newspaper and ‘Best Festival Product’ by Channel Five’s The Gadget Show. When the university saw the potential of the initial design by Franziska they helped her protect the intellectual property rights of the design and also helped her search out a suitable company to manufacture and market the Quick Pitch pop up tent.  In the end Franziska and BU Innovations Ltd signed and licensing agreement with Gelert.  Gelert are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for camping and outdoor equipment in the UK and they offered a great route to market for these ingeniously designed pop up tents.  Two European companies have tried to copy and launch the Quick Pitch design abut BU’s in-house legal team managed to enforce Franziska’s intellectual property rights and won compensation for lost sales and legal costs.Since the initial Quick Pitch SS design that was licensed to Gelert, Franziska has come up with the Quick Pitch SS+, Quick Pitch SS XL, Quick Pitch Evolution 2, and the Quick Pitch Revolve.  According to Franziska’s blog some new designs for the pop up tent are in the pipeline.
New For 2009 The innovative designers at Gelert tents have come up with some new variations on the Quick Pitch SS. Some models now include a double skin for those rainy days and porches to store all you camping gear in.
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