Can People with Zero Network Knowledge Foundation Understand CCIE Video Courses?

Can People with Zero Network Knowledge Foundation Understand CCIE Video Courses?

CCIE certification is of high value as an expert level certification in Cisco certification system. However, the value is usually directly proportional to the difficulty, which means CCIE certification is difficult to pass. So there are not many people who have obtained CCIE certificate.

For network engineers, passing CCIE certification is of great help to their future work. Many network companies require candidates to have CCIE or HCIE level network technology during recruitment. In addition to the certificates, companies’ recognition is also based on your excellent personal skills.

Many people want to improve themselves through passing CCIE certification. The way of learning is nothing more than self-study and taking part in CCIE certification training. Nowadays, there are too many learning resources on the Internet, but if you have zero network foundation, it is still difficult to understand CCIE video courses at once. SPOTO suggests that students with zero foundation start from learning the content of CCNA certification and don’t worry about understanding CCIE video courses first. Through learning the content of CCNA and CCNP certification, you can improve yourself step by step. After laying a good foundation, it won’t be too difficult to understand CCIE video courses.

If you choose self-study, it is not easy to find a full set of CCIE video courses suitable for you. Therefore, self-study is not recommended. First of all, the knowledge system of CCIE certification is very large. It is difficult to master it systematically if you only rely on self-study. If you don’t have much extra time in your daily lives, you can choose to participate in online training and follow the CCIE certification training courses. Training institutions also teach through video, which is flexible without time and space constraints. So how long does it take to attend the training? Learning the content of CCIE certification with zero knowledge foundation in SPOTO generally takes 6 months if you study in strict accordance with the curriculum plan.

Through the above introduction, it is believed that you have got the answer to the question at the beginning of this passage. Without basic network knowledge, it is actually difficult to understand CCIE video courses. Especially if you choose self-study, it will take a long time, and the questions you encountered during your study process cannot be solved in time. It will lead to the continuous accumulation of questions you don’t understand, which will dampen your enthusiasm for learning to a certain extent. If you follow the courses of training institutions, you will not learn the deeper knowledge involved in CCIE certification at the beginning, instead, you will start from the basic knowledge step by step. After accumulating basic knowledge, you can easily understand CCIE video courses and manage to pass CCIE certification exam in the end.