Adobe Creative How To Videos

Adobe Creative How To Videos

How-to videos can be found in a number of places created by a number of users. Their creators can range from the very product owner to any level of experience user, typically unknown to the viewer. These videos can be useful to teach a very specific task. Below are four how-to videos recently released by Adobe on some of their most popular Creative software including: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator. However, preparing to become an Adobe Certified Expert takes more than knowing how-to on any set of random tasks.Photoshop




Adobe Training
How-to Videos such as the ones above are great for refreshing a fading memory on a task long ago learned, or learning quickly about the latest trick, or for simply starting out. However, Adobe certification is taken very seriously by many customers and businesses. Below are some facts about becoming an Adobe Certified Expert as well as customer feedback regarding training in any of the related programs.
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